Friday, March 18, 2011

Flawless looking Skin

So it's that time of the month and your face starts to look like a war zone, and there's a huge event you just couldn't afford not attending. What do you do, cut off your head? But then again if you do you might stain your precious Philip Rodriguez gown, and besides no one is gonna recognize you without your head hehehe.
Never fear because Captain Foundation is here to save the day!I've compiled a few picture tutorial to make it easier for you to follow hope this helps. You may click on the images for a bigger view.


And this is the end result....

VIOLA!! Flawless Victory!!
Color Darkens after a few minutes as it oxidizes


  1. how do you know you are acidic and need a tone lighter for a foundation?

    1. try checking you you have the tendency to get and allergic reaction and or tarnish the jewelry when you wear fake/fancy jewelries. Also take note that excess oil also oxidizes foundation colors as well.

    2. yes, i notice that when i wear fashion jewelries they tarnish. does that mean i am acidic and need to use a lighter foundation?

    3. Probably, try using foundations one tone lighter, see how it works for you :). Do send me a feedback on how it works out.

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