Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First ever Photoshoot

So last June 26 I had my first pro photo-shoot and it was AWESOME! Though I have to work fast since I was to work on 3 models for their hair and makeup with no assistant, even so I was just ecstatic. We started at around 2:30pm and wrapped up at a little close to 8pm I think.

I discovered my maximum average for one person is around 45min to an hour for hair and makeup, not bad I think. Anyway here are some of the shots by the pro Adrian Franklin Yu and some from my trusty Sony  HXV5 (I'm just a trigger happy photo enthusiast hehehe).

Photographer: Adrian Franklin Yu
Hair and Makeup: JeannieO
(you may click on the photos for a bigger view)

Model: June Loren Dy
For this first photo I made her makeup bold and colorful to counter the her plain white dress, so

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Draw Natural Looking Eyebrows (using eyebrow cake)

Different brow shapes makes ones facial structure look different. However it is always safe to stick to your natural brow shape. I prefer wearing my brow naturally, and to achieve that I use a brow cake instead of pencils. Pencils have a tendency to be too harsh looking unless you have a light hand or if you buff the hell out of it. I also find that using a dark chocolate brown, brow black or a taupe color works best than pure black. Unless you have blonde hair to match I also don't like pure browns for eyebrows cause they tend to come out reddish.

This tutorial's aim basically is just to accentuate your natural brows just making it more defined and giving it a polished look for everyday.

1. Groom brows either professionally or not. It's better to go pro if you don't know how to do it yourself. I'd suggest threading, because it is more accurate than waxing and it last longer than razor cutting. Afterwards, it's quite easy to maintain by yourself by plucking away the regrowth. If you decide to go for the pro do not be shy about telling the one doing your brows what you want and what you don't want BEFORE they start working, after all you're the one who's wearing your brow not them.
  • when doing yourself avoid taking too much off your brows, and avoid making it too thin because this will make you look old.
  • as a guide draw an imaginary line from your nostrils to your tear duct anything that goes beyond the line you can take off. always remember brows are sisters not conjoined twins.
  • draw an imaginary line from the outer tip of your nostrils to outer part of your eyes to give you an idea as to where your brow should end.
  • as for your arc i suggest you follow your natural not to look like a drag queen.