Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lip and cheek tints

Lip and cheek tints are awesome products however it may not be the easiest to use specially for noobs. Tints works by staining your lips and cheeks thus it's color stay on longer than using ordinary lipsticks or
lip glosses. It says put even after you have a meal, thought it still lightens up after a while.

To assist makeup newbies here are some photo illustrations on how I apply a lip tint. I'm using the Tony Tint by Tony Moly. it's by far one of the most popular Korean lip and cheek tint available in the market today. It comes in two colors, Apple Red and Cherry Pink, and owning both of the colors I can see why it got a lot of raves their color is just very flattering to all skin colors, and it can be adjusted depending on how bright or natural you

want your lips to be. For this tutorial I'm going to use the Cherry pink.

The look i'm trying to achieve here is just to have a natural pinkish flush on my lips and this is how it goes...

oh by the way I didn't include my face cause it's bare and it's that day of the month again so my face is like a war zone, don't wanna scar you out of your wits hehe. Anyway, moving on...

so this is the natural texture and color of my lips

dab some products onto your inner lips

this is how much I dabbed on just around the inside of the lips

I pressed my lips together to spread he product on my lips

using some of the still wet tint, I feather out the color by spreading it towards the outside of my lips. You have to work fast towards this part because the tint dries quickly. otherwise your lip color may be uneven.

by using the technique above, you'll get this natural looking lips , deeper pink on the inside  slowly lightening as it go towards the edge of the lips. And yes i have uneven lips.

now I like my lips to ooze in juiciness so I'd top it with a sparkly lip gloss, this one is from the face shop

I usually just apply a thin coat over my lips but making sure to be more generous on the cupid bow area  of the top lip and the fleshiest part of my lower lips.

And there you have it natural pinkish red lips oozing with sexiness.

So that is basically how you can use a lip and cheek tint to flatter your lips while still looking very natural.
comments suggestions are very welcome.


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