Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Babies Sleek Pout Paints!

I recently got my hands on a couple of pout paints and I'm really enjoying playing with the colors. Here are the colors that I got. Pinkini (very bright pink), Peek a Blue (blue kinda more like cyan), Cloud 9 (white), Lava (bright orange) and Pin-up (more on the blue toned red).
Having a background on color mixing I choose these colors because these are the base colors to create other colors. And yes I know orange and pink is not part of the primary

colors, so why pick those you might ask. Well originally I would have picked out blue,yellow and red, as the primary colors and black and white to switch up the tone and depth of the colors.
Dots of the pout paint on my makeup mixing palette
see how little the dots are? my palette is around 3.5"x5"
However it's unfortunate that sleek do not have a black nor a yellow pout paint, hence I'm forced to move to the next closest color to yellow which is the orange. I also picked up the pink because of its brightness, it has sort of a neon like color which can not be achieved by mixing red a white. Now for the fun part here are the swatches of the colors.
Pinkini - bright pink color
Peek a blue - is a blue color close to cyan
Cloud 9 - is a very opaque pure white color
Lava - is a bright true orange color
Pin-up - is a true red color
At first I thought these colors would be very liquid and fear that they might be very dry however the texture is not at all what I expected.  Texture wise it is very creamy almost like a lipstick in a form of a paste. The colors do tend to sip into the cracks of the skin but this can be easily solved by not over applying. I find it best to apply  the colors thinly then slowly building up the color intensity.
Pigmentation is great! just the tiniest dot of product can cover up your whole lips, if you plan to just apply a sheer coat sometimes  it might be hard to spread it evenly and thinly because of it's thick consistency. I find that you can thin it out using a regular clear lip gloss to help with the glide. Also try using a thin flat synthetic lip or mini concealer brush to apply the product, fingers are great to even out the color but it's hard to get to the edges. natural hair brushes waste too much because soaks up too much products.
The pout paints has an orangy scent that reminds me of orange flavored medicine syrup but it's not over powering so i don't mind it. After swatching all these lovely colors I still have a few more colors which I used to play around to concoct other colors in which I will post on a different entry before this one gets too long.
Have you tried the pout paints? or the OCC lip tars? drop me a message would love to hear what you think.

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