Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Waste Your Products!!

A lot of people are fans of bb creams, because they are simply great! They do a lot of good to your skin like anti wrinkle, anti blemish, collagen, moisturizing, brightening, and it  also help shield you from harmful UV rays while providing the right coverage to make you look as flawless as can be. These products usually comes in tube type packaging with a pump top. As convenient as it is, I just found out that these type of packaging is not very efficient in delivering products.
Last night as I was doing my usual makeup routine I came to the end of my BB cream I gave it a few pumps and nothing came out so I thought I've finished the whole tube, As I was about to throw it out, I remembered how my mom would cut up toothpaste tubes to get whatever is left of it just to lick it all clean as to say, so I took a pair a scissors and did the same. As I did, I was surprise to see how much product I was about to throw away! I was expecting about a teaspoon full but no more than that! Since I don't have extra jars to keep the products I just decided to mix it up with my Etude Lucid Darling mousse BB cream since I do usually mix both products to apply on my face.

I got about 2 tablespoons full of products
Sometimes I feel bad deconstructing an adorable packaging however I feel it is also very wasteful not to, as much as I want to keep the packaging as it is I would rather get my moneys worth rather than keep something that I would still throw away later on.

So as a word of advice, before you think of throwing something out, think twice before you do and stay beautiful.


  1. this is a good idea but...
    im not strong enough to cute my makeup stuff especially if they have such cute pretty packaging... haha!
    but you have a point there! true!

    1. LOL so true Sabrina, I does require a lot of strength specially if one is a sucker for cute packaging like me. I have to summon all my strength to cut it hahaha. Let's just say my logical reasoning won over my soft spot for fancy packaging...this time that is :).

  2. This is a good idea...and it's not so heartbreaking to destroy cute packaging if you do it when you've gotten everything you could out of it and were about to throw it away never to be seen again anyway. I can't believe I've never heard about this or thought about it seems like common sense.