Monday, October 10, 2011

It's finally here!! StudioBox Airbrush Sponge.

I'm excited to share to everyone about The StudioBox Airbrush Sponge. These Non Latex Hydrophilic sponges work very well in blending and creating the perfect streak free flawless canvas for a fraction of the cost of others brands!

The StudioBox Airbrush Sponge may be used dry of wet, however maximum performance of the sponge is achieved when used damp. The sponges in their original dry state is soft but a bit firm however when soaked in water it instantly expand to about double it's size and the sponge gets soft and squishy, the surface texture
turns suede like and feels very velvety. Shaped like a gourd, it's contour gives user an easy grip. the pointy tip is used for hard to reach areas where as the rounded bottom is used for all over the face. The sponge may be used with all sorts of makeup products from liquid to cream to powders.

How the Airbrush Sponge can replicate the airbrush finished look is through it's edge-less and seamless shape, this cuts out the possibilities of streaks created by brush bristles and ordinary sponges. The second point is due it it's finely packed sponge pores, that creates a velvet texture on the surface of the sponge, that distributes makeup finely and evenly making the makeup blend very well thus making it untraceable. And finally due to the bouncing motion in the process of applying makeup, it creates better coverage with lesser product and effort used rather than brushing or buffing on makeup,  hence cutting the time you spend perfecting your face in half! The plus side of the fun bouncing motion is that it lessens the pull and tug endured by the skin hence preventing the formation of facial wrinkles.

Other products cost Php 1,500, while the Aibrush Sponge only cost Php 500.
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  1. nice!!! this reminds me of the Beauty Blender sponge.

  2. Exactly! :) the only difference is the price, you should try it Khymm it really has a difference.